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Day 75, Vacation, Yosemite

Photos by Fr Michael Butler, Jul 29, 2011

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not much by way of travelogue to report today. We visited Yosemite, but got a bit of a late start, which turned out to be okay, because we got to look down the valley from Glacier Point at sunset, which was spectacular.

There is a caveat to visiting Yosemite, though: everything is Very Far Away. There are few roads into Yosemite, and the drives are long, even if you don’t get stuck behind an RV for several miles. From Mariposa where we were staying, it’s an hour to get into the Yosemite Valley and an hour to get to the Mariposa Grove. From either of these places, it’s an additional hour to get to Glacier Point. So, looking at the beauties of Yosemite from Glacier Point at sunset (a real plus) means a 2 hour drive back to the hotel, after dark, on hairpin curves (one of the low points of the vacation so far).



Vacation destinations

The last month of the sabbatical will be vacation time, R&R, with my family. Here’s where we plan to be. (If you click on “View Larger Map,” below the picture, it’ll take you to a Google page that has more information about the places we’re planning to be.