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2nd journey: maps

A few maps of the places I visited and mentioned in the blog posts.

St John the Baptist Monastery & environs:


Mt Athos:

England after Mt Athos:


Vacation destinations

The last month of the sabbatical will be vacation time, R&R, with my family. Here’s where we plan to be. (If you click on “View Larger Map,” below the picture, it’ll take you to a Google page that has more information about the places we’re planning to be.

Sabbatical destinations

For those not familiar with Google maps: click and hold your mouse button to move the map around in its frame.

Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons on the left to zoom in and out. Or just double-click on the map itself, near the spot you want to zoom in on, and you’ll zoom in there. You can zoom in really, really close and see some interesting details.

Double click on the blue place markers for a brief description of the location.

If you click on the “View larger map” link that’s directly underneath the map, it will take you to the Google map page, where you’ll get a really big map to play around with, and use some really cool features. E.g., switching between satellite and map views (and Google Earth views, if you have Google Earth installed), and clicking on the “photos” option in the upper right corner, which will call up any pictures people have taken at that location; click on them to get a ground-level picture taken at that spot (the pictures taken at St Panteleimon’s Monastery on Mt Athos are really spectacular; check ’em out!)