Days 57-62: home

[11-18 July 2011] The flight back from London to Cleveland, via Newark, was completely uneventful. Annette arrived to pick me up not five minutes after I got to the curb with my bags. I had been looking forward to being home. It’s been twelve years since I was away from home for so long, and I was genuinely homesick.

It was not a restful week, however. For those who aren’t part of to St Innocent’s, you may not know that my Deacon’s son was killed in a car accident a few days before I got home. I returned just in time to concelebrate his funeral with several other local clergy and the members of my grieving parish. Please remember the Servant of God Jonathan in your prayers.

On Friday, Annette and I went to Michigan for a couple of days, to visit with her family. We have a new nephew whom I saw for the first time. Also, Annette’s father, who has developed heart trouble, has been put into hospice care. So it was well to visit with family. But it also meant that I had only three days at home in which to recover from jetlag and wash my clothes before I was to leave again.


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