A few illustrative pics

I went on-line today and found a few good pictures of Xeropotamou and St Panteleimon, of things I did not get pictures of, and to illustrate some of the things I’ve talked about in recent posts. These are not pictures I took on my own trip, but they do supplement what I’ve posted.

First, here are a few pictures of the narthex of the Catholicon at Xeropotamou. The frescoes are of scenes from the Apocalypse/Book of Revelation.

Narthex of Catholicon at Xeropotamou.

Narthex, Catholicon, Xeropotamou

Frescoes of the Apocalypse, Narthex, Catholicon, Xeropotamou

The reliquary of the True Cross, which is kept at Xeropotamou, and which I venerated while I was there:

Reliquary of the True Cross, Xeropotamou

And then, at St Panteleimon’s Monastery, St Silouan of Mt Athos:

St Silouan

The Catholicon, or main church, of St Panteleimon’s:

St Panteleimon's Catholicon

A view of the Iconostasis, Altar and canopy inside the church:

Interior, Catholicon, St Panteleimon

The large bell:

The large bell

An example of a polyeleios candelabrum with a chandelier in the middle of it. The ones at St Panteleimon’s were much closer to the ground, and the nave of the church is smaller, so they really filled up the space:

Example of polyeleos and chandelier

I hope these help to flesh out a bit more the descriptions I gave previously.

Also, while I’m at it with the supplemental material, check out the OrthodoxWiki article on St Silouan: http://orthodoxwiki.org/Silouan

On Elder Sophrony: http://orthodoxwiki.org/Sophrony_(Sakharov).

On St John the Baptist Monastery: http://orthodoxwiki.org/Patriarchal_Stavropegic_Monastery_of_St._John_the_Baptist_%28Maldon%2C_Essex%29

On Xeropotamou Monastery: http://orthodoxwiki.org/Xeropotamou_Monastery_%28Athos%29

On St Panteleimon’s Monastery: http://orthodoxwiki.org/St._Panteleimon%27s_Monastery_%28Athos%29


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