Acton University

Well, dear hearts, I must abuse your charity for moment. It’s odd that I don’t find as much time to blog while I’m at home than I do when I’m away on my different travels, but that is the case. Besides, not much is going on at home to relate to you.

However, since Tuesday evening, I have been in Grand Rapids, Michigan, attending “Acton University,” a 4-day series of presentations, discussions, and exchange of ideas put on by the Acton Institute. I was able to attend last year, and I was invited back again this year, and even asked to give a presentation, which (I think) I did successfully this morning, have talked on “Orthodoxy and Environmentalism.” The pace here is brisk, and there is a prodigious amount of learning and talking and thinking going on, so much so that it’s hard to keep up with it all.

On  Sunday afternoon, I leave for Europe, and I’ll doubtless have lots of time in airports to blog some more, and say more about Acton. In the mean time, the abuse of your charity is this: If I blog about Acton University while I’m here, I can be entered into a drawing to win a new iPad 2. The Acton folk are very savvy economically, and have provided a sufficient incentive to get dozens of us — if not hundreds of us — to blog about Acton U. Hence, this post. I will probably say more about what I’ve done & heard here, but that will have to come later. In the mean time, I just need to get this post out so I can put myself in the drawing. Forgive me for taking advantage of you in this way.


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  1. I did not win the iPad2; it went to an Argentine participant. And the Nook e-book reader, which was the gift to incentivize us to complete our evaluation forms, was won by a Pole. I did, however, score two official Acton University t-shirts, to go with the two I already had. And, for icing on the cake, I got to have dinner with Metropolitan Jonah, who was the after-dinner speaker for the banquet last evening.

  2. Shoot. I was hoping to get to play with it… 🙂

  3. Know the time was well spent. Acton U provides a true feast for the mind. Glas to hear the presentation went well though have to admit, I had little worry about it. HAve a safe journey into silence!

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