Living in God’s Creation, 1

Thoughts on reading Elizabeth Theokritoff, Living in God’s Creation: Orthodox Perspectives on Ecology (Crestwood, NY: SVS Press, 2009).

In the Foreword, Peter Bouteneff says, “… if you want to live a truly Christian life, you must inhabit the earth in a way that is mindful of the whole of creation… This is the utterly convincing argument of this book” (p. 9). If Dr Bouteneff is correct, then Living in God’s Creation is going to be an interesting read. I say that because I have assumed, until now, that living a truly Christian life meant being mindful of God, not His creation. I am curious to see how Theokritoff handles her theme, because there isn’t much on the market about Orthodox takes on ecological subjects. I’ll be commenting as I read.


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  1. Father,

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

    I have read Theokritoff’s book and while I appreciated much of what she had to say (the rhetorical overstatement of the introduction notwithstanding), I found the book had some serious flaws. Chief among these her confusion of Orthodox theology and her own policy preferences and her willingness to embrace population control. The former is irritating, the latter is, I think, a serious departure from the Tradition. You can read my review of the book here

    And again, welcome!


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