My first foray into the blogosphere begins here.

I plan to use this site as a place to gather thoughts and discuss subjects that interest me, among which will be

  • theology and the spiritual tradition of the Orthodox Church;
  • questions of human freedom, free-market economics and environmentalism;
  • the works of St Maximus the Confessor and other patristic authors;
  • the transformative power of ritual; and
  • anything else that strikes my fancy.

The title of the blog, Ambiguorum Blogis, is Latin for “Blog of ambiguities,” and is a small word-play on one of the major works of St Maximus the Confessor, his Ambiguorum Liber, a speculative work in which he resolves ambiguous passages from earlier Fathers. Whether or not I resolve anything here remains to be seen.

You are welcome to participate in the discussions if they interest you. Usual rules of civility are the bare minimum. I have neither time nor tolerance for anything other than serious and respectful exchanges.

Since I am new to blogging, it will doubtless take me a while to get up to speed with the technical side of things. Still, I look forward to posting regularly.

May Paradise consume us.



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  1. Congrats Brother! And my God’s holy angels guide your typing!

  2. Sounds like subjects close to my heart.


  3. Welcome to the blogosphere. You have been assimilated. đŸ™‚

  4. I found it very easy to blog with WordPress. Started a few months ago, and I enjoy it a lot.
    Deacon Michael Hyatt is always upbeat in his blog (heck, he’s a CEO; he’s gotta keep any dark thoughts to himself), but nails the essence of blogging, I think. He said recently “I blog to clarify my thinking.” I’d have to say that’s about right for me, too.

    • Thank you. There is a lot of clarifying I need to do about a number of subjects. I appreciate your interest and look forward to future exchanges.


  5. Looking forward to seeing what you put together out here.

  6. Fr. Michael ,
    I recall that in the Apocolypse that God says He will destroy those who destroy the earth. One good reason to be good stewards of the creation!
    I believe the the issue of the environment holds much importance to an Orthodox Christian spiritually.
    The ascetic examples of countless saints remind us of our present over-consumption.
    Perhaps in our struggle to crucify the “old man” by following the prescription of fasting and moderation we preserve the environment in a small way.
    I do not hope for greater responsibility by the world at large but remember that the scriptures say the whole creation groans (suffers) for the revelation of the sons of God.
    Herein lies the unltimate remedy.The return of Christ.
    The difference between between steward and son in this matter holds a mystery I know is profound, yet I cannot grasp.
    Forgive me I am perhaps out of league with most of you…..
    Yet, I am intrigued with what I have read so far.
    Thanks for the good work!

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